That's not cool 343...

So I just finally hit level 50 and chose my specialisation!

The thing that absolutely grinds my gears though is that in the last match before I leveled up I needed 700xp. We won the match but I also finished the Monthly challenge as well…the one that is worth 17000XP. So I assumed that that xp would carry over to my specialisation progress…-Yoink- my life I can’t believe I was so wrong. There I was thinking the logical step would be to have XP carry across but no, just like their puppet masters, 343 has decided it would rather -Yoink- off the consumer then reward them.

I’m normally all for 343, I feel Halo 4 was great, but now after almost a month the cracks are starting to show for me. lack of Falcon/UNSC flyer is easily top of my list, the fact Forge and Forge World have been raped is also there. But come on 343, why the -Yoink- doesn’t our EXP carry across to the specialisations!?!