Thats it already?

Just grinded through a lot of halo last night and completed all of my weekly challenges, event challenges, and the ultimate challenge. I guess this event is done for me for now? This kind of sucks, I was hoping to rank up a lot this week and play a lot but now I’m back at the point getting just those 50xp challenges.

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Yeah the weekly challenges do go by very fast. I’ve done all mine too.

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Seconding this- there aren’t enough challenges per week and most are pretty easy to complete. You can still have a weekly ultimate reward, but it would be nice to let us keep drawing new challenges after you get it.

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Why do you hate fun? Just play the game! My god lol
Too many challenges! Not enough challenges!! The challenges are too hard!! There is no winning with you people.


Question, does the ultimate challenge count towards the event? I’m asking because it’s not marked as an event but I have to do it in the event mode.

EDIT: Nvm., just completed it, it doesn’t… what a shame…

So is it even possible to reach lvl 30 then? For me it certainly aint unless in one of the weeks there’s going to be like 14 challenges for the event.

Not sure where you saw in my post that I said I “hate having fun” lol, all that I was saying is for this event it kind of sucks that it ends short when you complete all your challenges.

It isn’t really an event at that point. Nonetheless, I still love this game and will play it regardless of how much XP I get per game :slight_smile:


It does not unlock any additional event stuff

Good! love to hear that

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Dude i don’t hate fun and I don’t give a sh*t about the customization. I don’t think i’ve equipped a single thing since day 1. I bought the battle pass because i felt guilty about paying zero dollars for this sweet game.

I just like to have “get 10 headshots in pvp” challenges and then watch the progress bar move as I shoot other people in the face. So, kindly, lay off me. Man.

(I think the pistol could use a buff and wish the BTB maps had just a little bit more open space. Plus add lockout)

You realize people have fun in different ways than you right? This is just like the people complaining about skilled players try-harding instead of “just having fun” when in reality, they have fun in a different way than you do.