ThatBeanieBoy - Halo Videos & Live Streams!

Hey Halo Community!
I run a Multigame YouTube & Twitch channel!
But I do more Halo Streams more than anything!
If you would like to check out the streams or even join in, goto Twitch I want to start doing custom game videos but I need people like you guys the Halo community to get involved!

I also do Halo Machinimas & Gameplay videos on my two YouTube Channels for gameplay videos such as Dual Coms with other YouTubers or Players or even Game Nights!! Or ShadowedSoundStudios for Machinimas (Only just starting up with the first series BFH (Battle For Harvest)!

Please Rate, Comment & Subscribe/Follow these Channels for new videos or the Chance to win some cool Goodies on Xbox or PC!

Thank you so much for reading and please check out my channels and help this new channel grow <3


Twitter -
Machinima YouTube:
Twitch ~ Twitch


I am streaming Halo 4 War Games atm!

Now Streaming Halo 3!
Check us out on the Stream & Check out this halo Page on facebook!

Nice channel I subbed!