"..that would totally hurt the game.."

Watch this video.

Then respond with your typical arguments of “It’s not COD, stop comparing it to COD” or “The pros have played it and loved it!”

You can clearly see that they are not pleased with the settings of the game.

They discuss the idea of making every option able to be turned off, because at the moment, none of them are competitive.

They also hit on the difference between Reach and Halo 3: Halo 3 had two mains settings - MLG settings and default. Reach has more than 5 settings, off the top of my head - Default, 85%, 0%, Anniversary, and MLG. This only separates the community.

Another excellent point is the fact that PV shouldn’t be in competitive settings. Now I’m just waiting for someone to ask “Why do they all use it, but don’t want it? Waahahhh”

Elamite and Neighbor also discuss the fact that all of these default maps are terrible for competitive play.

If I missed any other excellent points, please let me know.

Firstly, he says they want to be able to turn off Ordinance Drops, not all of the other aspects of the game.

From some of Elamite’s comments, especially about the rockets/Promethean Vision, we can definitely see that he thinks the game is bringing back the individual aspect instead of more team-focused gameplay.

They don’t like the map designs due to their intricacy… Too much going on. Too many noises and areas.

They think the weapons are very balanced and the game is fun, as well as being fast-paced. And that it has plenty of potential.

Elamite thinks there is actually too much customization… Which is odd, but he also states that it’s a good thing that they’re able to tweak the game to their preferences (Ultra competitive as opposed to Infection/Action Sack gametypes).

Really like the melee system, however they don’t like Promethean Vision.

They really like the new spawn system.

I can clearly see that this was their first impressions of the game, and that they enjoyed it quite a bit, even though they wanted simpler maps and the audio needed some work.

First this video is so cOLD.
Second, they say mostly good things about the game. They just question some of the AAs like PV and Infinity Slayer, which everyone could have told you that would happen. Also they say the audio needs a little work, but in the end it was mostly good things to say.

They are NOT happy and it shows. This is what many people have been saying for ages but they have been completely ignored. Now do you believe us?

They seemed rather pleased with Halo 4. True, they had some concerns, but nothing to the extreme of hating it.