That was your big announcement 343?

How can this be. The only thing that made us happy was the gears 3 april demo thingy. Major nelson posted that halo fans are going to be really happy. Why, the defiant map pack is just another map pack that i am not looking forward to after seeing noble. Seriously, i am never going to trust them nor anyone ever again if THIS keeps halo fans after. If that keeps halo fans happy, what else do you think keeps halo fans happy…sticker !!!


It wasn’t a ‘big’ announcement. It was just a completely average, completely unhyped announcement, save for 2 tweets the day of. If and when a CE remake is announced, there’yll be a far greater notice in advance and hype.

I hate reach, and I think it’s just odd to think this in any way represents a let down, besides, it seemed rather obvious.

Major Nelson never said anything about a big 343/ Halo announcement was supposed to be made today. All he said that it was going to be a busy day, as in the GoW3 Beta announcement and the Skyrim trailer, and the Defiant Map Pack release date.

People misconnected Major Nelson’s comment with that other tweet. Which, I might add, isn’t even an official source. i.e. 343/ Microsoft