That Stupid Playlist Move Down Thing

I hate how whenever I either 1. Leave a match, 2. Back out of a game, or 3. Do ANYTHING that sends me back to the main menu(even backing out from the playlist list ITSELF!) when I move back to the playlist where I HAD selected, MOVES DOWN by 1 for NO FRIKKIN’ REASON. Why is this annoying? I often forget that after a match because no other game does it. So I go to find a match, and walk away or something come back, and I’m in a king of the hill, or big team, or whatever is under what I just played! Can they PLEASE fix that, it’s becoming quite an inconvenience. Anyone else agree. It sounds small but when it happens often, it gets annoying.

I cannot even look at my friend roster without it moving down! If it sends me back to “find game” it moves down. Why in all the world does it do that!

Also, if you notice you picked the wrong one, and back out from that it moves it down again!

Let’s take oddball for example. I find a horrid team, so i play a match, back out, moves down. Hit king of the hill by accident because of this, then notice, back out before a match starts, and it moves down to slayer pro, EVERY TIME!

I agree. Annoys me too.


These complains are getting a little bit over the roof now, just deal with it…