That Pink Mist! Needler is a heavy weapon??

So under the Covenant classes, they list Jackal Heavy and the listed weapon that Jackal Heavies carry is… the Needler? Now, I hate to get my hopes up because the Needler has been declared “fixed” so its super awesome pretty much every game since Halo: CE. So color me skeptical.

What does everyone else think? Will the Needler be worthy of actually being fought over? Will it be worthwhile to run over and pick it up in the middle of a campaign mission? Will though who wield it glow with subtle power and those who see the pink mist quake in fear?

The Needler has always been an amazing weapon. Fast kill times and tracks.

The tracking has been nerfed a little in H4 but it still has fast kill time. I had the pleasure of using it at Eurogamer and it was a beast. Only shame is it isn’t given much ammo.

Will definitely be calling it in a lot when I get Ordanance!

Well from the footage I’ve seen, the Needler seems to have a very fast kill time.

I would go for it if I did not have a SAW.

The Needler will be left high and dry when players have the option between it or a more traditional power weapon. But if a Needler is by itself, either on the ground or in ordnance, I’m definitely grabbing it. Always loved the Needler and killing people with explody pink death!

While it doesn’t get up to Sniper Rifle’s or Rocket’s level, it’s definitely a lot more powerful this time around.

In Halo 4, the Needler is back and more powerful than ever.

Sure everyone says that now! I said the same thing before each other Halo game. The Needler in CE was awesome because it tracked and stuck to each target. The downside was after they stuck it took like 3 seconds to explode them. After that it took fewer shots to get the explosion and the explosion was more immediate but the trade-off was that the Needler was no longer very accurate. So that’s why I’m curious if 343 figured out some balance that makes the Needler more lethal when it actually targets someone. Because every game has the same mechanic of: if you’re moving perpendicular to the Needler-user, the Needler just won’t hit you.

PS: I’m hoping against hope that the Needler really is bad–Yoink-. It’s just been disappointing most of the time. Especially Reach, where every A-hole just dodges the incoming Needler fire.

It did look pretty boss on some of the gameplay I saw on it.

Yes it is heavy, and it’s awesome for that. Finally something like CE… But better;)

I’m sorry, but, I’ve been happy with needler. It’s garbage and should stay as such! it should be able to be dodged. no weapon should autamatcally track an enemy, it reduces skill and frankly, if you have to rely on such a weapon then…