That one REQ item you want but can't get?

/\ just read the title

personally I’m after that assault rifle with the energy bayonet, looks awesome. All I get is needlers, saws, and ghosts.

I havent played much, but the only pc of gear I want (wetwork helm) I still dont have. Seeing that its the only real thing Im after I probably wont ever get it. I really dont like the acquisition of gear not being skill/objective based

I really, REALLY want an:

Ultra Wraith, Oni Scorpion, Oni rocket warthog/gauss hog, and an enhanced thrusters armor mod.

Everything, DMR

Centurion Helmet.

Noble helmet

Noble Team emblem (seems like no one got it as of now)

Just look at my Gt and you know why I need it

I’ll take anything I can get at the moment, not fussed xD would like a nice helm tho

Centurion armor :’(

Noble… not the ugly skins, just Noble. I’m like the only one of my friends that don’t have it, which is an insult itself because they don’t even know the history behind it.

  • Prophets’ bane - phaeton - Noble helmet - Fotus helmetAnd of course the legendary visor

A tank certification and the Raider Helmet

DMR Variations

DMR and the Kinetic version of the SMG.

And the BR with the 3x scope. I have the 4-8x BR, but the glare makes that a pos

I’m after an AR with a silencer. I’m a man of simple needs.


Recon armor and Warthog would be nice!



Plasma grenade expert, DMR, advanced sensors.