That Moment When......

I bet quite a few people can say that they have had that moment when your health is low and your fixing to kill a guy who is lower than you. But my experience in this is when I killed him Idk how this happened but the guys rag doll’s physics broke and his right arm stretched across to the other end of the map I followed his arm only to find that his entire team was right there waiting for me and one of them had a rail gun. I tried to run for my life to get back to my team and I did but the thing is I don’t know why but it felt like they were all chasing me but when i turned around no one was chasing me but instead I find their bodies sprawles across the ground and what happened was apparaently one of my team mates had a rocket launcher and he shot right in the middle of them all and they all died and I was like ?!?!?!?! how! But there was this one sneaky bugger that survived and he came up behind me and assinated me and I said Well I guess some of them did see it coming but then karma kicked in and the guy that killed me got assassinated himself I was histarical because so much happened in 3 minuted after the match started.

Did you at least record or screen shot the glitch with the guy’s arm?

Cool story

Lol. All behind you. Would beto cool a video récord ofertas That.

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> Did you at least record or screen shot the glitch with the guy’s arm?

Sadly no I, I tried recording it but the clip I got cut off a second before he died