That is,That is all? This is serious

Agree with all you said, except maybe being able to complete challenges against bots. I think it will cheapen the feeling of completing them a bit, that is if there were any good and interesting challenges.

Personally I think that faster progression is at odds with making the game last longer. Everybody wants to play a lot right now, because the game is new. If you want people to play your game forever, you don’t just give them all of the stuff in the first week. Even this battlepass is lasting 6 months.
As time goes on, people will probably be fine to just play a little bit per week, enough to finish challenges and get a reasonable amount of progress towards the next level or item or whatever.
For the people that truly can’t get enough, there is BattlePass Premium. If people don’t buy it, the price will come down. It’s still capitalism. Be patient.

I have over 100 games and I am level 9 on the battlepass. That is unacceptable progression. I am not going to sit here playing 900 more games for 6 months to get the battlepass leveled fully.

It would be a question of finding a balance between challenge and experience. But the question of being able to do the challenges with the bots does not lie in the fact of advancing in the battle pass, but in taking pressure off and eliminating problems in social games.

I posted a forum post about how to change the store with req points like destiny does bright dust but it got buried. I even mentioned that guys custom color thread in it too but good lord did it get buried. They’re solid ideas on how to make the game playable for the long term. Simple systems that most all games have.

You don’t retain players by forcing nonstop grind. I have quit tons of games because of event after event after event after event non -Yoink!- stop for years with no breathers at all. People stick around for great gameplay that they can play how they want when they want. Why do you think halo 2 and halo 3 are the 2 most popular games? Neither had this forced nonstop grind to keep people playing and they were both incredibly fun and had plenty of players for years.

Look at Guild Wars 2 for example, they have events and various things to get people to come back for a month or two and then have a breather for another month or two between them before the new thing and that is perfect imo as it gives me the ability to play other things without falling massively behind and never being able to catch back up or straight up miss out on things entirely.

All they need to do to keep people playing is routinely add fun new maps and gametypes. Forced nonstop grind and essentially saying “you will play our game and ONLY our game until the end of time” will only force players away and they will never come back.

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It is true that I did not want to have one event after another without stopping, so that would force me to be glued weekly without giving me time to play other things.

I think we are in complete agreement. I don’t get the fixation on grinding to obtain gear. I’m playing because I think infinite is pretty fun. To be honest I’ve scarcely even looked at the challenges; didn’t know it was there for some time. I think what we agree on is that the community needs to shut the -Yoink!- up about the progression system and allow these devs to focus on making a good game (new maps, modes, playlists, QoL improvements, etc.)

Yes we are sorry to inform that half the games content has been delayed to 2026.
~343 Industries

No i don’t agree with that AT ALL, we need at the bare minimum the same amount of base armor customization as we had when it was first added to the series, i can personally get past not having a bunch of customization but that doesn’t change the fact that it is needed especially when the devs advertised millions of customization combinations at launch and we don’t even have a tiny fraction of that. Not to mention all the other flat out lies they said about the customization in this game.

But with the game being delayed a year and it still being shipped with less maps and less gametypes than any Halo game to date proves that they are spending all of their time making this -Yoink!- up monetization system and cosmetics and none of it on actual content. It is 100% clear they spent all of their time making stuff to pad out the store, sure wasn’t for the season passes as those are filled almost entirely with consumables that only exist because their system is so bad that people need them to get past the consumables and get to the real rewards in a more reasonable but still completely unreasonable amount of time.

Further proof that they care more about their overpriced trash cosmetics is due to the fact that coop and forge which somehow still weren’t done after a year delay went from a 3 and 6 month delay respectively to being delayed 6 and 9 months. These are enormous features, campaign coop has been an expected feature since CE and forge has been an expected feature since 3.

Point is that saying “well it is just cosmetic, ignore it and enjoy the game” is a -Yoink!- excuse that doesn’t hold any water when you realize just how much core stuff is completely missing from this game in favor of their trash progression system and stupidly overprice skins that are literally just copy pasted from previous games and not actually new stuff.

I wanted to give them a chance, wait until the 8th and then judge everything. But after the leak of what the campaign brings customization for the MP, and the first “free” event they gave us, I am completely outraged at 343 at this point.