That H2A Cutscene

Remember that awesome cutscene that played before Halo 2 Anniversary started? (In case you forgot) Agent Locke & Arbiter Cinematic Cutscenes - Halo: The Master Chief Collection Halo 2: Anniversary - YouTube The one that we thought would set the tone for the entirety of Halo 5’s campaign? Well what happened? Why wasn’t this in the game and is it still canon? Because honestly I enjoy this cutscene more thanI enjoy any other cutscene in the Halo 5 campaign. Why 343? ;( Why couldn’t you have just used this cutscene within the game for the Sunaion mission? (They would of had to change the time from day to night though) If this is a problem of character models then why didn’t they just swap all the Halo 2 Anniversary models with the Halo 5 models and keep the animations and audio? Also maybe this might have been a problem with blur studios not making the Halo 5: Guardians cutscenes but still. They could have re-created it someway or somehow. This was an awesome cutscene and it was a shame that it was not in the final game.

The whole cutscene is completely irrelevant thanks to h5.

The bookend cutscenes for Halo 2A are canon, but the exact nature of the way they are presented is not. Both Cutscenes likely take place on the Phantom ride between Swords of Sanghelios and Alliance, given Arbiters seemingly in depth knowledge of Locke’s mission after only just saying that he was surprised and confused by Locke’s presence on Sanghelios.