That Doom armour crossover is back on the table!

I mean, this is a huge flex from Microsoft in general. Just look at those franchises! :slight_smile:

Imagine if id Software(makers of Doom) make a Halo side game!!!

That would be sick!

Can’t wait to crush demon skulls as Chief and “give the Covenant back their bomb” as Doom Slayer. Exciting day for gaming.

spits out recovery drink
They did what??

This is going to be extremely interesting to watch unfold.

I dont see this as totally crazy, since we have Reach Characters in Gears…so Microsoft isnt shy about letting Spartans curb-stomp, blow up, and RIP AND TEAR through enemies.

Set a fire in your hearts Spartans…bare your fangs! Fight hard! Die Well…

Hey guys! Remember the Bulldog and the Combat Shotguns? Guess what?

Those are for BABIES!!! The Meathook is where it’s at! And also? The Crucible?

Who needs Argent when you got a HOLY weapon!?

Heard about this a few hours ago, amazing deal and I can’t wait to see what comes from it. Fallout New Vegas 2? But I would absolutely love to have the Slayer armor in Infinite, that would be sick! I really hope they do that.

This news is great all around for Xbox players but I’m hyped about the potential of doom and fallout inspired armor being added to halo infinite.

As Non-canonical pieces, it’d be beyond fun and awesome to see MP armor sets inspired by Doom Guy, Fallout Power Armor, and even stuff like Dovakin and Corvo (Obviously all tweaked to fit the basic Halo aesthetic a bit better). If Fotus, Flaming Skulls, and Hayabusa are all fair game, none of this is too far out there.

Just fun, absolutely not canon stuff, but great for fans. Nameplates are another potentially awesome and unobtrusive place to represent these other series that MS now owns the rights to.

Yay, now MS will be the Disney of gaming.

MS can now rebrand Cortana to Vega…maybe it’ll catch on this time.

#bfg9000 as a power weapon!