That cliffhanger ending

That cliffhanger.

Yeah… I hated that ending… >.>

I loved the cliffhanger. It was fantastic!

I didn’t like it, but it was enough for millions to buy Halo 3 so it served its purpose.

I was surprised that MC did not finish the game.

I loved it, made me so ready to play Halo 3.

It was really annoying not to be able to finish the story, but for a cliffhanger, it’s damn well just about the most epic cliffhanger around. It really ends right at the very apex of the excitement. Nothing is going right for anyone anywhere.

Too bad they never followed it up. That’s kind of a requisite for a good cliffhanger.

For PC gamers it was even worse, since they couldn’t finish the fight with Halo 3 PC.

Ever seen that Youtube video There’s something about Halo 2? Yeah that pretty much wraps up the purpose of the cliffhanger.

I liked it, it made me much more excited for Halo 3. I would of liked the campaign to be a but longer but it was still bad@ss!

HAH! that made me ROFL