That BR vs SIDEKICK game is Wacked!

Everything in Halo Infinite I enjoy so far but how in the world is when I take a three burst Battle Rifle up against a Magical Magnum it seems to be a battle! I would think a weapon that you must find and obtain and then use should be better than the base weapon loadout. The BR should take down the magnum all day everyday!

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The BR was readjusted in this sandbox.
It’s no longer the Mid range - Long range powerhouse that can cross map, CQC, mid range like a god.
It’s more or less a Mid-Long only weapon, cos anything which falls into close range has faster TTK than it.

The Sidekick imo, can be treated like a DMR with its balls lobbed off.
It fulfils what the DMR used to fulfil in Reach, being a spam machine, except now it’s only strong when spammed in Close to Mid range.

It’s obvious why they did this : they don’t want players to have an all-rounder weapon which just dabs on everything, which will force players to scavenge weapons. Ironically, they turned the AR into the all-rounder weapon instead, which is so easy to get kills with in close to mid range, and for some reason is able to tap a BR user at long range.


Take note that PC players can fire the sidekick faster than most normal players due to scroll wheel etc. That’s my biggest hatred about it. Then again even clicking a mouse is easier than a full tigger


The scroll wheel thing doesn’t really work. You just burn your ammo faster if your target is actually good at movement.

But never mind that, I just hate spam weapons with bloom, I thought Reach’s DMR was a great learning point for this, but 343 just casually repeats the same mistake.

I would much rather the Sidekick did more damage, fired slower like the H3 Magnum, and had no Bloom.

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A player should not be helpless with their spawn loadout, nor should they feel discouraged to equip a map pick up that serves a certain purpose. Sounds like it’s working as intended. If it was as you wished it to be…you and your team mate can basically lock off the Brs from the other team…and they become helpless. It isn’t winning the game off of your amazing Br skills. It’s winning the game because the weapon you’re holding is too over powered compared to your spawn in loadout. Neither should be a god tier weapon, but they all should serve a niche role, have their pros and cons etc.

All that being said, the BR is still an extremely good weapon. You also can’t argue that map control is why you’d win a Match when the spawn loadout Is so drastically bad in comparison to a weapon like the BR [if the pistol was nerfed] . So that’s why it can’t be nerfed into the ground. It has to hit a sweet spot. Maybe you can argue that it hasn’t, but I’d say more often than not players die to a BR while holding a pistol than dying to a pistol while holding a BR if you’re at the right range when using the BR.

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I don’t think people are using the scroll wheel, the Sidekick is just really fast.

The point I was making is a scroll wheel or the default click of a mouse can be done faster than a controller trigger.

Not to mention a mouse takes your wrist to aim while controller is thumb on a joystick which is naturally harder to do at the same time.

Any slight difference is a difference, I’m insanely good at spamming buttons (thanks old survival horror games) and I still cant spam as fast as a scroll wheel or clicking a mouse.

Adding auto fire would fix that gap though fir all players

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Isn’t there a cap on the ROF of the sidekick? Is there any actual videos comparing the 2 inputs max ROF? If it was able to shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger I would agree, but I think there’s an actual ROF cap purposely there to balance the inputs for this weapon. It doesn’t turn into a mini smg because someone’s using a mouse. If it does, I would imagine something much more game breaking is going on behind that person’s rig.

There I’d a ROF cap yes but I promise you controller users wont reach the same as a mouse. Like sure you can have slow mouse users and mega fast controller users but the base fact that mouse have an easier time achieving it over a controller especially while maintaining good accuracy is just a fact.

Sure not everyone will be doing it and it’s more of a high level thing but basically saying you have to lose a fight because your input cant fire as fast as others isnt a good feel.

I’m very good with my accuracy and ROF like iv said but even I cant compete to some mouse users just due to not being able to hit the same ROF. Sadly I dont enjoy MnK or I’d use it myself

I’d argue that our aim assist is much more beneficial across the entire board than this one issue you’re finding with that weapon though. I can’t make a fair judgment to this scenario you present without real evidence to look at though. How i see the general trade off of inputs is

Game pad

  • RRR advantage
  • aim assist
  • magnetism


  • turn speed
  • WR advantage

Theres maybe more things you can add…but I don’t know all the things mnk offers. People bring up stuff like macros and such but…idk. for halo I just personally feel like players with controller don’t necessarily have this insane struggle in their game unless they’re fighting their own settings Most of the time. Like, true the mouse user has an entire hand while we got 1 digit. That’s face value, but under closer inspection you will discover we benefit a lot from AA. It’s not to suggest we take it out. Obviously we need it, halo has been on console for a very long time…and if AA is modified to much it will alienate the entire bottom half of players who struggle right now to aim so that cannot be done imo.

If you had some evidence in a video, anyone reading would be like “dang I didn’t know mnk was that much of an advantage while using X Y or Z” . To just say it though…its difficult. I get your point, but to how much it really matters is something you’d have really show example of in the form of video imo.

In ranked the pistol is a map pick up and the BR is the base load out. That’s balance. The pistol is good in close range, mid if you’re very very good with it.

No one it firing with the scroll wheel, lol

Well I play on a console so my AA isnt like the ones on PC, I just prefer a controller as it’s easier on my hands and more comfortable.

By no means do I think either side has a huge advantage I’d never say that unless someone is physically cheating but every small advantage adds up in the end. I’m not gonna go into the input comparison as people often lie or exaggerate not to mention bugs and differences even when using the same input on different platforms.

What I will say is by default a mouse is easier to aim than a joystick and easier to fire faster. That’s my personal opinion and experience when trying both, I’ll remain with my controller no matter what as I prefer it even if not as competitive in some games. I’d like them to fix the damn servers or crossplay issues

I also use a controller. People say there’s more AA on pc with a controller but I can’t say myself if it’s true or not. The only thing I can really say is that special jumps like the over jump seem much easier on pc than controller. There doesn’t exist no tutorials for then with controller input being shown on screen, and when I ask the creator and state that it seems controller users wouldn’t be able to consistently get such jumps the answer was

“Controller users have done these jumps”

My reply

“Link me a video so I can see their input on the screen like how all the mnk tutorials show the inputs being pressed.”

Absolutely no reply unless you count crickets chirping.

That’s a niche thing though and…idk if its substantial to say it would make the difference in matches tbh, but still I felt I seen a very clear advantage.