Thankyou 343 for an AWESOME game!

So much negativity already with H5, most of it is real little annoyances. Not big deal breakers.

I just wanted to say thanks, for what i have seen so far, as an awesome game. Every point i listed as bad/going in the wrong direction (from Halo 4) has noticeably been fixed. Like ordnance, power ups, power weapons, dedicated servers. Even the sky box in campaign is amazing, which i know lots of fans complained about. It really looks to me like you listened to us, the fans and did a top effort to implement it all in the game.

Im sure many more people agree with me!

I second this. There is a lot of whining from ‘fans’ on here. It’s a great game. I thought 4 was ace (despite the slightly frustrating insta death weapons) but this is a step above. it feels like familiar haloan like sonething fresh at the same time. Great game.

I thought the story was pretty good. I feel if you read the books you are more aware what is going on and god it was so good

FTR, there was nothing wrong with Halo 4!

But yes, this game is awesome. Not perfect, maybe. Not without firefight. But if all I did was stand around whining about what I want and can’t have, all the time ignoring all the amazing things on offer… what kind of fool does that? This game is brilliant. Period.

Best Halo we have had in years. Havent had this much fun in a while. This game alone was worth the purchase of the Xbox One!

As a fan since 2001 and player ever since (even halo wars) I say this is a true Halo.

Thanks 343i

(and keep it up)

No matter what people try to find things to complain about. “It’s not the same Halo anymore!” get over it, changes happen. Things like that lol.

Been an awesome game so far and I’ve enjoyed it a lot! Thanks 343!

We’re in a generation of people that like to complain about every little thing. But I think the reason it appears there’s so much negativity is because people who didn’t like it are definitely more vocal about it.

Glad you like it. I cant bring myself to play it since it has no splitscreen.

Bs anyone that doesn’t live in the usa or a highly populated area is region locked out of the servers people can’t play the game because they don’t live in a certain country yeah is “great” not to mention coop campaign is a lagfest if you even try to play with anyone outside of your country please this game and its issues are a joke its the same as mcc

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> Glad you like it. I cant bring myself to play it since it has no splitscreen.

ignore all the haters for they know not what they do.

H5 is the turning point for 343, I truly think so. They’ve had a bumpy start, but not every company can hit a grand slam first round.

I totally agree! This game to me is more fun than the last two CODs or Destiny’s crucible combined.

Thank you 343i for such a good game both with multiplayer and the campaign.

Yes I agree, such a great game much better than 4.

Yes, thank you 343 for Halo 5! Makes a toast Here’s to Halo and the many journeys we will encounter in the future!

I agree also! I loved this game. I really don’t get the hate and negativity

I was pleasantly surprised with how well this game turned out to be. I’ll definitely be playing this for a long time

Campaign - amazing
Multiplayer - -Yoink-

Honestly been playing since ce and I feel like the multiplayer is one of the most balanced in the series.