Thanks to the developers.

I would like to Express my gratitude to all those people who worked or are working on this great franchise. Thank you for your hard work. To all those who are not indifferent, you can just write warm words of support to the developers here. Thanks.

Thank you to the dudes that animated the forerunner weapons in 4. They were very cool to look at.

Thank you guys for all of your hard work keeping this franchise going. Love what you are doing!! Hoping you guys will eventually release Halo 5 on PC (I’m a PC person)!!!

I genuinely enjoy the franchise in it’s entirety but Halo 5 took it to another level. Thank you to all of whom developed this game and we look forward to Infinite being even greater

Shout out to the Halo 5 team. This is an amazing game that has given me days of enjoyment!