Thanks to Forum-goers and 343

So I wanted to thank all the forum users for a great year. Although I’ve recently joined the forums, I have been reading and rummaging for any Halo 4 information here for the past year. I can truthfully say that its been a blast sharing the moments of happiness, grief, and overall suprise from everything different and new we learned would be in (or not in) this game. Despite what 343 has done that has dissapointed me, I believe the good and the new with this game far outweighs the bad. To finish, I thank 343 Studios for carrying on Halo with the ambition and care they have brought with this new reclaimer saga. And I thought I would post this now right before I even start the game for the very first time. (Just picked up from Best Buy and now I’m off to Campaign and Forge!) Enjoy evereyone, I see ya online!

See you out there! I agree. I was also just reading posts before I began posting.

Dont be a lurker! There are tons of really great folk on this board, eveyone no matter which side of the community.

Wait, what dude?