thanks from an mlg community member

Hey Waypoint forums!

This is my first time really looking around on the forums and everything. Most of my time is spent over at MLG. I for one from the MLG community would like to take this chance to thank anyone from the Waypoint community that supported and or watched the last MLG event at Columbus. Halo was under a lot of pressure to put on a great event and the entire Halo community pulled it off. So just thanks again to anyone that helped out! It was very much appreciated!

Here’s a great video that was put together about Halo in MLG. If anyone’s unfamiliar with MLG and wants learn more just hit up the website and look into the forums. We love welcoming new members to the community!


Cool, welcome to Waypoint and I gave the event a peek or two over the weekend just to support the MLG community =)

Looks like things went well and that is truly a good thing, cheers and congrats!

Columbus got me (a non-competitive player) interested in watching MLG gameplay. The only time I’ll play the playlist is with a full party of eight, but it still was awesome to watch!

Welcome to Waypoint, by the way!

I’m glad to see these communities finally starting to come together. We’re all here for the same reason, because we love Halo. I’m from the MLG forums and I also just wanted to say thanks to anyone who tuned in this past weekend. I hope everyone enjoyed watching the event and will tune in to future ones. We really just want to take competitive Halo main stream and we can’t do it without the Waypoint community.

MLG had a lot of good game play for the event. Good gaming and awesome battles…

So, now can we support other players besides MLG?