Thanks for trying... but I what about my wasted swaps?

Prior to them resetting the challenges, I used up my swaps. I was almost done with the weekly set… now its all wasted. They need to refund.


Ah well. Always next week.

Same. i wasted my swaps so i could get an attainable last weekly challenge because i wanted the “limited time” achievement (not the reward). now i lost my swaps and am starting the challenges over. super disappointing. why not just restart it on Monday?!?!

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Same. I was shooting for the achievement more than the visor.

I got to keep the weekly I swapped after the reset but with a lower requirement so I think if you cleared em since you got the xp they are gonna stay gone and if you had one in prog they let you keep it? I am not entirely sure.

not exactly sure what you mean but i have one challenge left to complete for the weekly now i have 20 or however many. total restart for the achievement.