Thanks for the changes to Tenrai

Every time I come on the forums, it’s just non-stop complaining about this or that.

So I’d like to say thanks to 343 for making changes to the Tenrai event. It’s awesome that they increased the cap to 10 from 7, and even better that they made more cool stuff available for free just by playing the event. They are really listening to fans, and it shows. Well done!


Yeah buddy, positive changes are better than nothing


Yup. They did a much better job this go around with the event. Very pleased


I don’t get it the event is only two more times so can only get to level 27?

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No it’s 4 or 5 more times. Monthly till
May I think

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its more then those weeks on the waypoint app during the first one there was more dates for the event

I’m still not a fan on how you have to finish certain challenges to get to the event challenges, but other than that I’m glad there are actually more items in the event pass. Still don’t like how they restrict our progression though.

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It’s restricted over a longer period of time to keep players interest in playing Infinite until they actually come out with sum banger updates.
Desperate times need desperate moves, to keep Infinite alive I guess.

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Restrict us to keep us engaged? Brilliant!!!



Wildest comment I’ve read about restricting us. How TF does this actually work? LMAO


It doesn’t. Def doesn’t.

Can confirm.

and of course 20 characters

Well, if you want to complete the pass, you can’t do it in one day, if even if you did it last time, you’d be at rank 17, then when it comes out again, you can get to 27, then the next time you can finish it. Which means, at minumum, you’ll have to be on for 4 days, that paired with the challenges means it’ll probably be longer.

On paper it makes sense, the Player will be forced to play longer to complete the pass meaning they’ll keep the population alive.

In reality it’s just mildly irritating becuase there’s no other legitimate reason to stop us and no one wants to wait, just to earn the chance to unlock things.

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I dunno…I mean aren’t the challenges tied to garbage fiesta? I don’t know how anyone can find fiesta fun. It’s a trash game mode. Zero fun to be had for me. Hate it.

The challenge system is trash.

I’m actually getting exhausted of this company’s decisions. Wow. They’re really bad.

Average platinum rank player be like


You have 20 hours in ranked and are still in plat, i played ranked for 2 hours do the challenges during HCS week cause they forced it. I got ranked diamond and didnt play after cause i enjoy BTB and fiesta, you are literally stuck in plat, 20 hours and stuck.

Why the name-calling?

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When did i even defend the game lmao, you attacked some one for their rank for no reason. The event literally has nothing to do with ranks.

Almost like the games were objective based rather than slayer lmao, obj is gonna take priority over kills, thats literally how you win the game

Except in this game CSR counts toward your K/D. You’re not rewarded for playing the objective. Try again bud.