Thanks for ruining Free-for-all

To all those who cried that it was too intense, that you got spawn killed, or that it was unbalanced, all the while blaming the 8 player count, you ruined the mode. 343i listened, and now you have all those same issues, plus its now boring and frustrating. Overnight I have gone from enjoying the tense combat and chaotic brawls where melee and charges meant as my as nades and bullets, to being frustrated and disappointed. Reducing the player count means if someone leaves, the game is broken, you are absolutely struggling to get 1 K/D instead of going for double and triple kills.

I’m not an amazing player, I’m very average, having reached Plat. 3. But I rarely ever came below fourth in 8 player, now I’m lucky to finish 5th (second last) with 5+ kills.

Please say there as others who have noticed this. I feel the one playlist where my favoured playstyle (charge/ assassination) was actually good has been nerfed in favour of some misguided idea of ‘competitive’-ness.

So yeah, thanks for breaking my fave thing about Halo 5 MP.

Git gud skrub

Ha coming from a guy that can’t get a 20 kill streak…

I agree with OP, yesterday there were many games where 2-4 players would control a section of a map and not move, and pretty much destroy the others trying to get a safe position. A lot of the spawns in ffa are either in the open, or behind/infront of someone. FFA feels slower then before and many of my placement games ran through the duration timer.

You misspelled fixing.

having it reduced to 6 players is terrible, it was so much fun before, i was a diamond 5, and now i am a gold 5, and that sux, 168 games down the drain over night