Thanks for reaching out.

Thank you for realizing that a lot of people do not like aim acceleration, 343. I’m not sure why you messed with the aiming in the first place, but at least you acknowledged you messed up. Expect me back when the update is released, until then I’m playing Cod.

CoD -_-
jk man appreciate you being well mannered

At least your being respectful about it unlike most of the other Blokes I run into.

What’s this? A well mannered post on Waypoint? Son, have you missed a turn on your way to Neogaf or what? But no seriously, kudos for being a sport. Aim accel can be annoying if not quite game breaking and I am happy that 343 are looking into it. With that implamented my K.D might jump with 0.01 or even 0.1 points! Joy!