Thanks for nothing

Whatever the matchmaking system is it sucks.Im sick of gettin negetive kd rating 9 out of 10 games.PS why even pretend any primary weapon is valid when compared to the DMR/BR.If I had of known I would have spent my time with them instaed of the supressor.Thanks for nothing/I predict I will be back to COD soon.Halo /I love the campaigns but thr MP sucks.

The automatics are awesome in close range if you use them right. If you try to combat a Br or DMR at mid-long range with an automatic like COD however, that’s probably your problem.

It’s not Multiplayer that sucks… It’s YOU. If you get a negative k/d, it’s YOUR fault. I have a positive one 9/10 games. So stop complaining and L2P!

This is a joke right?..


> Whatever the matchmaking system is it sucks.Im sick of gettin negetive kd rating 9 out of 10 games.
> Thanks for nothing/I predict I will be back to COD soon.

1.) Use the right gun for the right job. Are you trying to headshot with a suppressor in BTIS? Not a good choice. Are you trying to headshot with a suppressor at all? Not gonna happen.

2.) KDR bringing you down? 45-3 in a game does not matter. It’s point based. Assists, helpful team actions, etc. Work within the new formula.

3.) You’re going back to COD because you don’t like your KDR? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind COD, but I KNOW that I’m going to die there - because I can’t use an SMG from across a map.

I suck at COD. If I worried about my KDR so much there I would ball up into a corner and cry. I’m so bad at COD I just prestiged in COD: MW last week. (A joke, but not a good one.)

My KDR in H4 is not that great. But if you play for KDR, if you don’t look at film to see how to tweak your gameplay (something rarely done) then perhaps you should rethink those across-the-map suppressor v. sniper matchups.

So it’s the games fault you don’t know how to play? Stop trying to play like Reach. It won’t get you very far. And people that threaten to go play CoD make me laugh. No one cares if you play any other game.

Seriously if there is some kind of skill based matchmaking system I should not be being smashed game after game.I have a high rank of 50 as I have played a lot and it seems like im just being punished for for the autos vs DMR twice I have lost in close fights with the SAW against DMR where we both started shooting at the same time SMH.I dont know if its lag or what.This game punishes those who dont use DMR/BR,its as simple as that and now there will be a big learning curve for me to use that weapon.Halo rewards players who hang in groups and squat with shotgunns and active camo.The shotgun smashes the supressor every time,where is the answer to the DMR/BR?.Like I said the game has two primary weapons and everything else is useless against skilled players weilding them at long mid and close range.Im looking forward to the DMR getting its much needed gimping.

You should be loosing in close to a SAW when using a DMR. That is a close to mid weapon and fires at a higher rate. The DMR is a single shot semi so even though it has a ton of power you can still only put steel on target one round at a time.

Shotgun v. Suppressor??? Seriously? Again you should be loosing. The shotty is a one shot kill weapon up close. The suppressor has a large spread when you don’t burst fire it so most of your rounds don’t land on target except at close range which when you have to fight a shotty you are close enough for a player to one shot you.

The answer to the DMR/BR is the Light Rifle when battling at the same range. Up close it’s the AR or any other automatic rifle. At long range the Sniper Rifle. If you are not accurate with any of those get in a vehicle and go to town.

As for a skill based matchmaking system it has not been implemented yet. 343 said it would take a month or two for the system to have enough info to work properly.

DMR does not need gimping!!! People need to learn how to fight against it. Its that simple. I love the DMR and use it the majority of the time. However I still loose to BRs, ARs, shotties, pistols and so on quite a bit. Why because the people using them know to try and get in close before engaging the DMR so they have the advantage.

Call outs are your best friend (although no one seems to do this anymore). When your teammate goes into a room and gets one shot he should be calling out what weapon and where so everyone knows. Then don’t go in there without preping the room with nades or a lot of teammates. If you keep trying to bum-rush these guys you will loose 9 out of 10 times.

Thanks for the good advice people,definately some food for thought and I will stop aiming autos at the head lol.I was drunk and angry when I wrote that thread which wasnt helping my game either but really I love the game.