thanks for nothin(another INCOMPLETE game)

once again i am appalled at the lack of … i dont even know how to describe it, all i know is that, after finally getting a match that i felt comfortable playing, at the end of the match i was first, our team won … i went 22-3 with a score of 365 … but when i went to HaloWaypoint to check my stats, there was the game but it was labeled as …INCOMPLETE and no high score for me, no 22-3, no medals, NOTHING … only 2 of the 16 players had any stats at all, the rest of us had big goose eggs and yet we played the whole game … i am tired of this obvious glitch in the game as this is not the first time it has happened to me …but it is extremely frustrating when i do so well

Same here, i finished a BTB match about two days ago where i feel i did fairly well. I went to check on waypoint and it is listed as DNF.


Next time you put up a topic, please dont use 5 periods to separate your sentences. 1 period will suffice. Also capital letters in pronouns such as “I” or at the beginning of a new sentence, are also something that you might want to consider on posting future topics.