Thanks for everything and goodbye

So I recently noticed the rewards for watching the HCS streams on Twitch and are so similar to the 152 rewards…

I’m kind of dissapointed not only for that, but all the other bad things, the fact that you must spend a lot of money to have everything, the really expensive prices of the store, the lack of playlists, the great amount of bugs in the game, a ranked system that doesn’t works. But yeah giving a similar rewards and not giving the promised armor coating was like a slap on the face to your loyal fans 343…

Afther all of this I get realized that the really reward of everything, the reward of grinding the 152 was making new friends and having fun with them… so now this is my goodbye to playing Halo and getting the rewards, I’ll only play for fun (maybe when the games receives new content), but in the meantime I’ll play other games.

Don’t forget to play Halo to have fun and have a nice day.


Hopefully you find your way back into the fold some day, till then best of luck