Thanks community forgers

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all of the community forge players out there. You guys have made some amazing stuff! Brilliant imagination and painstaking recreation of classics for our enjoyment.

Given the limited number of developer maps, these additions have kept many of us alive. Keep up the good work!

Community - show your thanks to the author by letting us know which community forged map is you favourite.

‘No God Anywhere’ gets my vote with the amazing Valhalla remake, Halvalla.

I think that Altar,by Wyvernzu (sorry if I misspelled it) is the best, it looks just great and is the only map to uses a shade turret.

I’m not TH kind of a person who remembers names but id like to thank them too
I have been having fun with these maps on custom games
Keep it up!
(And I’m still figuring out H5’s forge controls :v)

Yeah these maps are crazy good. Haven’t played Fracture yet but the rest is very good. Except for Boulevard, not that much love for it yet.

Really like Halvalla and Sandtrap, they even have the same atmosphere as before. Brilliant.