thanks 343i

Greetings developers,

I see all kinds of dissatisfied Halo players posting so much hate and expressing that this is the worst Halo ever and other petty comments. So I thought I’d spread some love this long weekend.

Thank you for not making me pay for regular updates or REQ packs. I have, however, sent a few bucks your way out of appreciation by purchasing a gold pack or two Life ain’t cheap!
thank you for taking the Halo story in a very intriguing direction. Admit it, Halo 3 had the best campaign IMO but missions in Halo 5 on legendary delivered the challenge, frustration, and satisfaction I’ve come to love to hate since the first Halo game. The halo ring teaser at the end really excited me for what’s to come in Halo 6

I don’t spend much time in matchmaking, but I did get a perfection recently. First one ever! Did it again in warzone, though there’s no medal for it.

warzone is lots of fun with a fireteam, and you don’t take it as seriously as a football playoff game…

and FORGE! Ermagerd! this forge is what has kept me playing Halo after beating Far Cry, and I still hop on to fine tune my maps after enjoying The Division.

so keep it up! I’m very excited for my free warzone firefight update. Happy Easter, if it applies to anyone on the team.

And posts like this makes the world go round so glad some people still try to think positive about life I am too excited for this update with a new warzone map and of course them tweaking warzone an arena with this update can’t wait to see the full reveal.

Congrats on the perfection man! These forums are starting to turn into with all this hate. Thanks for spreading the good.