Thanks 343i: Solo No More

I like many FPS titles for competitive multiplayer but Halo was always my favorite. Unfortunately none of my Xbox friends, whom I’ve been playing with for years, could ever tolerate Halo (let’s be honest, its a grimy game). So I end up playing other games much more frequently because I want to have a good time gaming with my friends after work.

Which brings me to my point. My team actually enjoys playing this game for once. I tried getting everyone into Halo with each title release and was met with failure until now. Good work 343i, you’ve made a game that I love to play, and that people who HATED Halo can actually enjoy. It’s a sigh of relief after playing Halo solo style since H3 (that’s a lot of years).

halo is the only mp-capable game that i care about the story, and i play campaign first. this installment has not disappointed in that regard, and left me feeling pretty sad, and wondering only 1 thing-when the hell does halo 5 come out?!?! lol

Finally a positive thread I can relate too! Made my morning.

I had to play other games in order to play with friends since Halo 3 and now all of them are back into this game. I’m really happy about this. The game is awesome, and this is only the beginning. Of course there are launch flaws and people have to understand that it will get fixed as soon as they can. I am pretty sure they are having more issues than just people wall glitching on Complex. People really need to be patient and if players are exploiting the game, report they gamertags. A temp ban for unfair play is better than it going unnoticed. People tend to stick with the flaws in something instead of embracing everything else that is good. This game has a lot of good.

It is nice to see a positive thread for once.