Thanks 343!!!

As anyone sane member of you knows, Halo 4 is out tomorrow!!! And the inevitable truth of it is that as soon as it is out there will be a lot of cry babies posting in the forums about things they don’t like. So I want to show 343 that not everyone has something to cry about, HALO 4 LOOKS AMAZING!!! And well it should as 343 have laboured long and hard over the last 3-4 years making this for us. 343, by the time you announced it almost all of us were convinced we were never going to see a Halo 4 and I know I was sad beyond comprehension. However now with Halo 4 just one night away I am ecstatic and want to thank you most deeply and sincerely.
You have made a great game and it looks amazing. The wait was long and hard however all in all I think it was worth it. So please dedicated Halo fans add your voices to mine and show 343 how grateful we are for Halo 4!

Can’t wait for all the post launch stuff.