THANKS 343- Halo 5 Launch Event Seattle

I flew out from California to Seattle for my birthday to be apart of the Halo 5 release event in Seattle, Washington! I have been playing Halo since I was a kid and never had been out to an event like this! I was not expecting the experience I had at all! The 343 industries team was so down to earth and seemed to be mentally present with the community despite the fact that a game they had been working on for 3 years was coming out. I had the opportunity to get plenty of signatures on my Halo 5 magazine! I would have expected them to have been a bit more conservative than they were! Some highlights were the life size warthog,the Halo Nerf battle (which I got on my Go Pro:), playing with some pros, and taking tons of pictures with the community. Shout out to Jen Taylor, Steven Downes, and really everyone for being so patient with all of the signing and pictures! I even got a few tips from Bonnie Ross on my business career! The trip was definitely worth my time and money! Thanks for the great event guys!
Danny (UnIucky Ace)

Lucky. Sounds like it was one heck of an experience :slight_smile:

Ya it was great man! If you get the opportunity in the future, you should go to an event!