Thanks 343 for a broken pre order download

So i pre ordered Halo 5 digital copy awhile ago to my xbox one and I am not impressed I havent been able to play Halo 5 yet cause the copy i pre ordered was a broken copy with that file bug… Had no idea that this existed till game launch and I went to open up Halo 5 and got hit with a 55 gb update… paid 90 dollars and i cant even play the game yet my wife pre orderd same day i did and everything worked for her the midnight release dropped and she could play right off the start… I know they came out with a news article on this 5 days before game launch but iv been workin everyday and took time off for H5 to play and i didnt get a chance to see the news article iv been waiting since last night and my download is only at 32% so on my internet i wont be playin today… Im never doin a digital pre order again and this was my first time trying that system out… im also goin to add iv never missed a HALO GAME RELEASE and iv been playin since the original Halo Combat Evolved.

I am in the exact same boat. I pre-ordered to I could preload the game. Checked it over the weekend and even ensured I had the 54.8gb version. Wouldn’t start when the game went live and I have been watching an installation progress bar ever sense.

Me to my install even goes over 100 percent the highest its been is -Yoinking!- 214