Thank You

Thank you 343. From story direction, to art design, to tone, the new trailer was fantastic. Though, I can’t help but feel it takes place after a huge event happened. A stranded pelican in space around a Halo? Sounds to me like the Infinity was destroyed, or at least is out of commission. Perhaps that’s why there’s a huge chunk of the Ring missing. It would also explain Chief floating in space. The armor is fantastic. It’s like the Mark VI on steroids with the CE color scheme. Big and bulky. The Reach AR is an interesting, but I feel fitting choice. The Marine appeared to be wearing a combo of H3 and CE armor. His helmet was definitely H3, but his jumpsuit and chest plate look like a modern take on the CE marine armor. That pelican has a big cargo bay, but the interior design definitely gave me CE vibes. Kudos to you guys. I hope we can get gameplay footage soon. All I want back is dual wielding. Let me Sprint and slide around with two SMGs 343. I don’t care if “advanced movement” is out or not, its the feel, the soul of a game that matters. This trailer had more Halo soul in it than all of H5, in my opinion, no offense meant to anybody who made H5, it had great gameplay. I’m sure you guys pour your soul into making these games, and H5 was no exception, it just didn’t hit the right chords with a large chunk of the fanbase. Thank you. You’ve helped me Discover Hope again, after a rough time in my life.