Thank you to the community and take care!

I wanted to say a special THANK YOU to -
TheLegendIs117 , VoidlessCrimson , KatnissOnFire96 , Heronimon , Ninja-Xij , KONSPIRACY , Jefecito3433 , da-eed , FighterPrime , AgentMaryland93 , LemonJungle6536 , XEQoot , TheSonicSpartan , GODZILLASbro117 , AbsterGMR , flowterspace and TruncateComb6
I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to -
iProjectPat , Fred_1044276 , RabbitzR2Pro , Omega399 , xXx_Mhx_Air_xXx , NefNoj , Primus_Ego_Sum , total_war1402 , SafetyM33ting , CuriousGalaxy91 , LiLmeFromDaFutr , RipShadDe_41 , Rampage116 , ZeroSine2760 , VmasterRecon , Grayest04 , X11_XOMAN , drugfree9797 , and to mod, Viper_Skills
I apologise if I have missed anyone, you are all great and I have a lot of new friends, on my friends list !!

A few minutes ago something happened and I feel it best to pack up and move on from Halo Waypoint.

Don’t get me wrong, I would rather stay, it’s just better for me personally, that I don’t. I spoke with my Dad and he has his words of wisdom :man_farmer: :man_scientist:The interaction I have had here, with the other users, has been awesome. We’ve had some great discussions and I have received some excellent help. Here in my house, Halo is our family game. We all play, including my Mum and that isn’t going to change, not as far as I can see anyway. I just wanted to say this last THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH and please take care !! I hope to see you in MCC, 5, or Infinite.


Goodbye threads don’t really provide any point of useful discussion