Thank you to 343i with a catch

The announcement of a competitive rank system came as some great news to me as a competitive Halo player. I have been hoping and wanting any sort of ranking system for a long time. I have said it doesn’t have to be 1-50; it doesn’t have to be visible to everyone, I just wanted something to make every game worth while because I want something on the line.

With no ranks I felt like there was nothing worth achieving; just play and get some XP…woohoo! But now there is going to be ranks I can go and see myself, giving myself that small carrot to chase after.

It’s not the ideal system, it’s not what I had wanted as an ideal, but it is certainly something to be happy about.

The one thing I worry about is if people don’t know about it online, people won’t care about the games and it could get very casual in games. I know I personally won’t be that way, but others who don’t know of the system could.

I was crushed the last few days, but this news restores a lot of hope I have in 343i. I believe they are making an effort here. Maybe it starts just on Waypoint, but then moves to visible online, I don’t know, but this is a great start.

Thank you 343i for at the very least trying, and making some sort of ranking system, which is what I was hoping for all along.