Thank You Phil

Lets be real. It absolutely sucks that we won’t get the console and game at launch after waiting five years. However, this decision to delay Infinite and to finally let their cards down about the development trouble lifts a huge weight off of everyone’s chest. This is really a win-win: gamers get a better game, and developers get more time to really breathe and work humanely.

Thank you to Phil Spencer for being pro-consumer with this decision, as I’m sure you had a big hand in this. The xbox will launch without Infinite, which is a huge blow. However, I appreciate that you realize that what is even more important is the long term relationship between company and customer. That trust is now strengthened because of your willingness to ship a competent game at launch. This decision allows Xbox to start off next gen on the right foot, which is what it so desperately needs. The honesty is refreshing. Good luck to everyone at 343 and Xbox. I now feel 10x better about this game!

I have to say mate, I agree completely. A devastating blow of course but ultimately the right call.

Let’s keep conversation on this contained to the active topic, thank you!