Thank you matchmaking


I’ve been grinding out on plat rank in swat for too long now. I finally got a diamond 2 nights ago and lost it 2 matches later. I’m currently plat 1 because of this -Yoinked!- up -Yoink- -Yoink- matchmaking!!!(and quitters,I -Yoinking!- hate quitters) At plat 1 running by myself searching on a balanced setting and I get matched up on a team with 3 onyx’s going against a team with 2 champions and a diamond and a quitter. One man quit in the match,and surprise,it was the lowest ranked plat with the 2 Champions,so now my 4 man team gets beat by a 3 man team and I lose a -Yoink–ton of rank. WTF am I doing in a match like that. -Yoink- you very much matchmaking. You can take that diamond rank and shove it up your -Yoinking!- -Yoink-.

I think it matches people based on how they are going, like if your platinum 2 and your going up the ranks, you’ll be ranked with people your skill level, ot at the current rank, which I think is stupid because you wont get the rank you deserve but rather the ones the higher players give you. But with the quitter thing I feel like they should up the punishment more. And I am thankful for the quitter thing though, because it is usually someone with the lowest KDR on my time and does not stick with the team.

I believe if someone quits, it minimizes your de-rank if you lose and gives you a boost in ranking if you win?