Thank you guys for putting it on pc

It took me literally a couple of re watches of the press conference and your video to notice the windows 10 logo and the Microsoft store symbol , and I just want to thank you guys, I really do , its amazing. I can see so much potential with this , with forge and just so much much more. My biggest worry about when I switched to pc in 2016 was that i’d be leaving halo and all the other xbox games I loved behind but when they started putting their games on pc as well I was hopeful that halo would eventually come, was sad when halo 5 didn’t but now after seeing the halo infinite trailer I am very very happy. Im curious to see how it goes and im curious about that engine , as someone who messes around in unreal engine 4 from time to time I wonder if you guys are planning to do something like letting people access certain parts of the engine for forge type stuff