Thank you for not localizing your maps.

Ok you got me. At first I wasn’t too impressed with Unearthed (I don’t play that much Firefight) but it turned out really amazing!

However, that’s not my point.

I have something way more important to say.


Thank you for NOT localizing the Firefight voices for Unearthed.

See, I am from Germany. We have a huge problem here with game synchronisation and voice actors. They’re terrible. No matter what game or developer.

I was really stoked to hear Master Chief and Buck as FF voices and I was looking forward to hear them in English (I set my console to English) but then I was really disappointed when Reach shipped and the voices were “force-localized”. There was JUST the German version of it.
Same thing with the Campaign, but that’s a different story.

So now, with the DMP I can finally play Firefight on Unearthed with the original voice actors. Thanks guys!

I also have one inquiry. Is it possible to release some sort of Patch, Title Update or DLC (free, of course!) that contains the original voice audio track? So I could enjoy Campaign and built-in FF maps in their unaltered, original glory.

Other games have done it, so it is “theoretically” possible. I know, the Halo engine is weird and minor changes require to download the whole map file again, but maybe there is a way. Just like they will add new armor (we all know it’s coming).

So yeah. That’s it.

Are there any other people here who are thankful for the English versions of the FF voices?

So what do you hear? Just some generic voice over in German??

> So what do you hear? Just some generic voice over in German??

Pretty much.

I mean, it’s not like they used Microsoft Sam to voice all of the characters.
Some are even done quite well, IMO. Cortana for example, who sounds very much like the original and does a great job at capturing the atmosphere and tone of the situation. Keyes is also well done (They even managed to get the same voice actor for Reach as they got for CE!)

These are the minority, though. Johnson is horrible, at least in comparison with the original. In Halo 1 and 2 MC was a wimpy stupid boy. They changed that to a tryhard cool voice in Halo 3. All of Noble Team are horrible except for Jorge, who, in German, shares the same voice actor with Teal’C from StarGate and Batou from Ghost in the Shell, which is pretty awesome.

What I’m trying to say is, that it doesn’t matter to me how good or bad a voice actor actually is. I find the whole idea of translating a game completely limited.
Very few game companies understand that there is nothing like the original version. Only the original version captures exactly the atmosphere and feeling that the developers intended.
That’s practically like trying to translate art.
You don’t do that.

There are some great examples of a correctly done translation. Red Dead Redemption and the Riddick Games. Both Rockstar and Starbreeze understand that the voice actors really carry the game (That’s especially true with a game about a previously established character like Riddick). They simply left the audio untouched and added optional subtitles.
In my opinion, that’s the way to go.

And everyone old enough to play those games in Germany, does also have the proper linguistic education to understand them.

Oh I see how that would be less than ideal. Good for 343/CA for doing it right.

Yeah I’m not really sure if they really intended to do this.

I just hope they’re not “fixing” what’s not broken by implementing German voice-overs in the DMP retroactively.