Thank you for Halo Infinite

I hope this makes it to the 343i team. I could t find any email contact link. I wanted to say you guys killed it with halo infinite. I’m having so much fun. I grew up on halo and I feel as happy playing this game as I ever did before. The campaign is fantastic. It’s got great replay potential. I’m still going through my first time. I can’t wait to see how the game grows with future new campaigns or DLC.

I know lots of people complain and people always will but I think you guys absolutely crushed this and should be incredibly proud. I love playing it and even thinking about how much fun I’m having brings a smile to my face.

I do miss the flood though…

Anyways. You all did amazing work and gave us a wonderful halo that we’ll all keep playing for a long long time.

Thank you!

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This almost seems fake. Your telling me the flood not being there is your only concern?

What should 343 be proud of exactly? A campaign with no co op?

Really not trying to be negative but I have a hard time believing this post