thank you for everything

thank you so much for taking care of my favorite franchise thank you for making it everything i could ever want and more.i really apperciate you not letting me down,
this game is great i love the storyline.

i was glued to the screen the whole entire time i was playing chief and cortana looked great and the chemistry was amazing,the freaking story was the best i enjoyed it so much.

i enjoyed the multiplayer alot to i mostly play big team slayer and i got to say the maps that you made are the best in my opinion in a halo game so far,each map i feel deserved to be in the game and i never felt bored i any of the maps,multiplayer is so much better then reach.

i can sit down and play this multiplayer for hours.reachs i would get bored or sick of in minutes.

all in all thank you 343 for not letting me down and letting me get that much more attached to halo!


yes and THANK YOU ! (no, I´m serious THANK YOU!!!) for the less stronger granades!!!

im glad you liked it alot to black wing!

It seems like the negative people are here and the positive people are playing.

I agree, thank you!!