Thank you Bonnie

Just wanted to recognise that we may have never got anything past Reach without her. She’s dedicated the better party of two decades to this franchise.

Thank you and goodbye, Axios.


Where on Earth are you getting that from? Microsoft wanted to keep pumping out Halo games way beyond Bungies time with them. It makes zero sense for a company to kill off it’s biggest and most popular franchise at the height of it’s popularity. It’s true Bungie was tired of making Halo games towards the end and wanted to tell new stories which is where Destiny came in. You’ve got your information backwards.


You’re missing the forest for the trees. Massively. Relax dude.

I agree. I appreciate Bonnie Ross’s passion and I had no doubt that she cared about Halo but things did not go the way she hoped. I wish her nothing but the best!!! I look forward to seeing who takes over.

(How the heck do I put links in again? I wish I could remember how…)

Edit nevermind, it’s Pierre Hintze who is taking over.

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It’s a legitimate question. What you stated is outright false. No salt, I’m genuinely curious how you got that idea.


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