Thank you and other improvements

First-I would like to thank the entirety of the 343 Industries and Bungie team that worked long and hard to fix what was a generally broken game. Mistakes do happen, but what matters was that you offered dedication to bring the game back to a standard. Most companies don’t do this any more. But if that was not enough, you offer compensation. That is definitely rare. Thank you.

Additional fixes-Now that the game is running somewhat stable. There is still the issue of a few framerate drops particularly with Halo 4. Also, for it to be a true collection that prides itself with visual fidelity updates in comparison to the last console equivalents, there should be no reason why it is a hardware strain to have increased the texture draw distance, and level of detail loading distance. Halo 4 still loads different aesthetic object very close to the player. This should have been done away with, and i cant help but see it as something that was forgotten to increase rather than hardware limitation. Surely the Xbox One can handle much larger draw distances on a last gen game. Please do increase this, especially in the horrendous split screen co-op.

I think this actually worked out better than it was originally.

Everyone who stuck with the game gets an exclusive nameplate and avatar, 1 month of XBL gold, Halo 3 ODST ported to it(1080p, 60fps, as usual), and Relic remastered!

I agree with the horrible splitscreen. The multiplayer from h2a and bigger maps from h4 are unplayable in splitscreen due to the bad framerate. Because of this I have the opinion that they should not increase the texture loading distance. I do prefer a good working splitscreen instead of an pretty one with a large texture loading distance.