Thank you 343i for Halo Anniversary. my opinion so far


I just wanted to thank everyone who worked on this project.

It really brings back good memories.

I am at Halo level now, And must say it looks pretty good.

There are some things that did not need to be change on that level.

you know what made Halo CE so special? Its the mestry feeling. And you know what brings that mestry feeling? The Night/ Dark places.

Night/ dark places makes you really feel…Alone.

That is why I have somethings I need to share as I feel it is my duty to address these issues cuz I am a big supporter since Halo 1, And to try to help future project:

Level 2 Halo

1: Why is the level suddenly brighter? Can you imagine how awsome it would have been if it was darker or at night?

2: Why is the Halo ring white? On the Classic mode you could actually see water and land texture on the ring.

3: Why is the big planet on the sky transparent?

4: Tunnels are suddenly brighter, Even if there is no light source.

5: Did you know that the stars on the classic mode are flashing? And on Anniversary mode are disappearing around you’r crosshair when you look at them?

That is what I have to say for now.

Please help if there is anything else you have noticed.

Let us make 343i know what we feel in a civilized way.

Sorry for my english :slight_smile:

From Iraq

LEWAA 10 out.

for what it is they have deff done a great job,

my only issue is the lack of true graphics overlap,
eg invisible rocks in new graphics and random no mass walls in library xD

Think I found an invisible rock this morning but not a big deal. I went to bed last night and my head was spinning from all the quality gaming yesterday and when I got up this morning Two betrayals was the first thing on my mind, excellent job, 343, Sabre, Bungie and CA. I am a very happy bunny.