Thank you 343i (Campaign)

After finally getting to play the game from start to finish (had to re-install it twice after the pre-load), I can say you, 343i, did an excellent job.

  • Graphics are incredible, best I’ve seen thus far. Your art department hit it out of the park.
  • Gameplay is almost perfect (why are we knocked out of ADS?), silky smooth gunplay and excellent enemy encounters.
  • Sound design is still the best in the business IMO and the music is incredible.
  • Level design and co-op focus is great.
  • The attention to lore, characters and story is very appreciated, please don’t lose that.
  • Nathan Fillion and Mike Colter.
  • Weapons are beautifully balanced and all of them felt viable in gameplay.
  • In my opinion, this is my new favorite Halo game in the series. Well done.
  • Launch issues. Seriously 343, I had to download this MASSIVE game 3 times before it worked correctly. First time after pre load it hung on the title screen. Second install it froze on “Meridian”. It finally worked after a 3rd install and while it is an excellent game, the first 48 hours were beyond frustrating.
  • (SPOILERS) The last fight with 3 of the Warden Eternals, needs a tweak. I wasn’t seeing the same agro management from similar encounters like Hunters. The Wardens just fanned out and insta-killed everyone multiple times until we got lucky.

I felt a bit short, but I was thoroughly entertained throughout and eager to start a new play through.