Thank You 343!

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Thank you for making me Hate Halo. I have been playing, following, and living the Halo journey since the release of Halo CE. I have bought every “real” halo and the inbetweens like reach and ODST. I have defended Halo against everyone, and tell everyone the only reason xbox is around is because of Halo. Halo 4 was a decent game. You turned alot of players off with Halo 4 but I stuck with it even though you did alot of things I thought went against Halo. Halo 5 was the last straw though. You have tainted the story and characters, and all but ruined multiplayer. I have been at the same skill level from Halo to Halo 4. Have adapted to new controls, weapons, and maps. Halo 5 if the most screwed up worthless game that I suck -Yoink- at. So thank you. Finally after 14 years I hate the Halo franchise and have to find a new game. When Bungie buys you back and starts making real Halo games again please let me know. Until then -Yoink- Halo.