Thank you 343

just want to say a big thank you to 343 for everything they have done and will be doing on halo 5 you guys rock :slight_smile:

copy that. All updates have a worked as they ought about 95% of the time. I’m glad that when I find and report a bug, it is addressed (most of the time). Considering how poor MCC was, I’m glad that they are ensuring all things work before shipping them out, even if it means slowly rolling out updates.

Firefight beta is a great call, btw! Chance for 343 to take feedback before dishing out finished product

See these are the posts that need to be on here…not this junk about Emile’s knife not being on his shoulder…

Thank you 343i you have rejuvenated the Halo series and the Halo eSports scene. Keep up the great work!

Some people just don’t want to let go that bungie left

Thanks 343!!

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> Some people just don’t want to let go that bungie left

Yeah you’re probably right. I think those people need to understand that the world will keep spinning.

Many thanks 343!

these update notes basically read down the complaints on this website. Thanks 343!

Thank you kind sir :slight_smile:

I love you 343

I had no clue that the weapons weren’t correctly damaging the gungoose by shooting the guns. Thanks anyway.

Ditto all the above. Cheers!

343! You guys are awesome!

343 are amazing at what they have done :slight_smile:

For starters, the game needs to feel original, 343i needs to partner with Bungie or someone and get the control system back on point. Right now it’s completely out of sync, lag will always be apart of the game, it should never been significant enough to alter your shots. If that were the case, your connection should be low enough to kick you from the game altogether. So its not so much on my internet as it is on the game naturally.

Secondly, I need at least 20 solid multiplayer maps. I’m sick of seeing under 10 maps in rotation. If its a true multiplayer game then variety is the most potent point and it should be responded with an array of choices.

And third, any new additions should add to the Spartan solider, not become a tedious chore. I’m talking about Spartan Charges, the ability to melee dash basically is kind of lame, these are Spartans if they haven’t come up with anything more efficient then a thruster-push charge, then I feel very bad going into the next war again the highly advanced enemies.

But thanks 343i, for whatever you did. Damn those Bungie flash backs, can’t seem to let go of any of the first three Halos.