Thank You 343 Team

To whom it may concern,

There has been quite a bit of negativity regarding what players feel the multiplayer should be. I’m relatively old in the gaming community now and I rarely play multiplayer in any games I choose to play. My initial Halo experience started with Halo 3 when I was in college. My friends and I put hundreds of hours into multiplayer back then. We partied and we played Halo, that’s who we were. Before there were rankings we just played for pride. There was only one goal, you have to win. The post game trash talk was intense but we lived for it. The gloating after a win, and the gut check to your ego after a loss.
I’ve been playing the beta more than any adult reasonably should, and it has been great. A lot of the stupid criticism is coming from the same players that whine over the mic through the entire game. If it’s such a big deal then do better!! Stop taking pot shots from across the map and only worrying about your KDR. Pick up the oddball. Actually infiltrate the enemies base and grab the flag. This isn’t COD or Fortnite it’s HALO. The win is what makes me better than you. The MVP on the losing team is still a loser.
With that being said I just to let the development team know I appreciate what they have done. I’m looking forward to the campaign and the evolution of multiplayer. Please don’t let the nonsense coming from the turds who lack the ability to be happy get to you. Infinite is as fun and chaotic as it is supposed to be. I hope you guys enjoy the holidays, and thank you.



Beer came out of my nose when you said you played the beta more than any reasonable adult should LOL.

Also I would like to thank 343 as well on an achievement of listening to their player base and creating something new for the Halo universe. Even though the road is not yet over, remind me if you heard this one before “I think we’re just getting started”


This is exactly what discourse needed! much respect spartan. :facepunch:


True words man, people just don’t want to play objective sometimes! It’s so frustrating defending the oddball carrier and one of your team mates goes off to get kills :roll_eyes: . It’s screws the team over and they wonder why their win/loss is so bad!

Though to be fair, I expect once slayer and objectives are separated from each other into their own playlists we’ll see less annoying team mates around the place.

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What exactly are you defending here or what is even your point? The game is about to release as one of the most bare halos ever made even more bare than Halo 5 released and Halo 5 already was getting flak for it being bare so imagine this. I honestly don’t get posts like this

Oh man, I’m sorry. My original post wasn’t meant for a disabled audience. I will tone it down a bit so you can follow. I was just giving a shout out to the people in this world that work hard for our entertainment. But you’re probably right, the free to play multiplayer beta might be too limited for someone like you. Please feel free to quit playing. The Halo gods accept your resignation. And please, tell all of your basement buddies, who I assume also lack testicular fortitude, they are welcome to quit as well. If I may, I would like to suggest an alternative. You can watch other people live stream their matches. I hear that’s what the talentless gamers are doing these days. But until you figure out what you want to be when you grow up, go ahead and keep your opinions in that little brain of yours. You will only continue to embarrass yourself. Maybe someday, with a whole lot of effort, you can become a big boy troll.


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I agree with a lot of what you said, but as far as uniqueness is concerned, it’s just not anymore…it used to be with the playlists and everything about old halo was different and fun or competitive…I too play more then any reasonable adult should and my wife would say the same thing…small tweaks in the gameplay aside, this game is incredible but…it’s not Fortnite and they should stop trying to follow its successful blueprint and go back to halo with playlists…that is my only issue and the incompleteness of most of the game…I understand the 10 year plan but I cannot get over what we pay for and the lack of content…it’s really just silly to me anymore.

I agree. Bring back the playlists ASAP, it did launch with very little. I actually thought they would release the missing playlists on Campaign launch, so hopefully they do that soon. Can’t lie I’m pretty upset that there aren’t basic settings like turning off controller + M/KB games so that you can just play with controller players either. The sooner that gets added the better, because most of the other Xbox guys I know have said they don’t enjoy playing against M/KB.

You can turn off M&K in ranked, not Social.

Yea as for mnk people every other game in this planet they have an advantage and it shows…but halo, it isn’t the case quite yet…aim assist for us levels the playing field and yet mnk people are complaining about it…lol I don’t mind cross play with them I do feel like I have the advantage and I can tell in ranked…both playlists solo/duo and open/cross I hold the same rank but I fair better in open usually. Their advantage currently is in close quarters…but I’ve watched a vid or two of mnk just destroying…so the skill gap is closing.

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Yeah, I think the aim assist really kicks in at range with the BR and weapons like that. I feel like I get absolutely swamped when a M/KB player jumps me in CQC lol

I agree. I’ve been playing Halo since the 1st game dropped on the OG Xbox & I’ve loved the progression of the franchise. I loved Halo 4, 5 & the Halo War games just as much as I enjoyed the older Halo games before 343i took over but I feel Infinite give gamers that old school feel but still keeps the game feeling modern… Thank you 343i with a job well done.