Thank you, 343 [SPOILERS]

After finishing the Halo 4 campaign I have just one thing left to say:

Thank you, 343Industries!
Halo 4 is absolutely incredible.
By the time the credits roll, hearing the Unforgotten Soundtrack, I was completely satisfied. I also thought back at all the time I waited for this game. Finishing Halo 3, wondering when/if this story continues, the announcement at E3 2011, the First Look at the Spring Showcace,…
A tear actually ran down my face when cortana vanished. I have never experienced so much emotion in a video game ever!
The campaign is so packed with awesome moments. Getting ot of cryo sleep, exploring Requiem, releasing the Didact, the whole 7th mission, seeing earth at the beginning of the last mission, Chiefs humanity, Coranas rampancy… There is just so much!

I never thought anyone could make music as great as Marty O’Donnel. But Neil Davidge composed an amazing score! His music made the campaign even more exiting.

The multiplayer has a lot of exiting new stuff and Spartan Ops is amazing. I can´t wait to see what you will do next, 343.

Halo 4 might actually become my most favourite Halo Game ever. Simply because of the campaign. I can´t tell yet if the multiplayer keeps me as long as Halo 2 or Halo 3.
But all in all, I hardly find bad words to say about Halo 4. The game actually has some counterpoints , such as randomly disappearing weapons, no scoring system for campaign or spartan ops and no campaign theatre, but these are minimal issues.

You did it, 343. Keep up the great work!