Thank god the battlepass isnt like COD and

I am beyond glad that Microsoft didn’t put boosted weapons in the battlepass. I’m so sick of pay to win in PvP games. Not doing so well? Buy this pack for 2000 points and get a weapon that has 75% full stats which is much better than your current weapons that have like 40% full stat bars/values.

I can’t stand a progression system like COD’s either. People with no life who play 10 hours a day will instantly kill people who play 1-2 hours a day. It’s a load of crap. Weapons should be even across the board so fights come down to player skill not time and money.

Thank you MS for keeping that junk out of Halo.

Thanks for shilling for a crappy BP system.

Say what you want about MW19 and CW but at least you earned progression with for the pass by playing and got boosted with challenges. This system where you only progress by challenges and are encouraged to use swaps is awful and predatory.


whiles the weapons in Cold Wars BP was a waste of a slot… they also weren’t OP. like the MG or the Grav. also you don’t have to pay to get the weapons, they’re free. and hay, even if you don’t complete the pass, you then could get the weapons as challenges that aren’t all too hard.
however, i’d provide a counter arguement… CoD Cold War’s BP was better than Infinite’s BP. in Cold war’s BP, for the FREE stuff, you could get: maybe a gesture, a couple weapon skins, maaaybe a vehicle skin, emblems, a charm, and always a few slots of the IN GAME CURRENCY. the only bad thing is the two wasted slots of the free, new weapons, as you said.
Infinite’s BP, you get: 5 visor, 3 backdrop, 40 challenge swaps, 5 coating, 2 stance, 3 chest piece, 1 AI COLOR, 1 DIFFERENT AI, 1 set of shoulders, 2 helmet, 2 ATTACHMENT FOR THE HELMET(s), and 1 wrist attachment…
that may sound like a lot, but keep in mind: 3/5 visor colors are THE SAME COLOR RED, with a minor pattern change that no one will notice, heck i forgot about the pattern. the backdrops are pointless, ain’t no one will notice. the AI color is litterately a color for your AI that you’l next to never see. the helmet attachments are in a DIFFERENT SLOT than the helmet itself, thus wasting a slot. a attachment FOR YOUR WRIST, is at the end of the line. 40/65, litteratly THREE FORTHES of the slots, are CHALLENGE SWAPS, actually wasting all 40 of those slots which could’ve been used for content either for premium or for free. Cold War didn’t even stoop that low, you could freely choose what available challenge, and do whichever as you please