TFS needs Haloaholics!

Hello my name is Blu Willis and my clan The Frozen Shadows needs members that love halo and play it a lot!

Do you hate random players quitting out mid game on you constantly? Me too!!! Let’s build a team that doesn’t do that.

I notice the trend is a lot of people are playing a lot of different games right now and it makes it hard to run a successful clan that way. So I am looking for die hard halo fans that want to build something special here. My company has over 20 members but it feels smaller due to so many people playing unsupported games.

We have a great website. A rich history. And you will have the freedom to make this clan your own. As long as you have a great character at heart we will want you here. We can train you if your skill needs work. We will eventually clan battle if our team work is solid. We also have squads within the clan as well so if you recruit a bunch of people and friends you can actually form your own team to further put your stamp in the clan.

Most of all I am asking for your help to do this and find more like you.

First thing is first. Add me! Give us a try!